Intik “Notre Devoir”

*Photos: Various sources

Country/Region: Algeria (North Africa)

Intik [Photo Courtesy of YouTube]

Intik [Photo Courtesy of YouTube]

This Algerian hip-hop & reggae fusion band gets its name from the local slang for “no problem”, but ironically sings about their country’s tense social and political situation.  Intik formed in 1988 when a group of four friends (aged 10-14) bonded over their passion for hip-hop and reggae.  The band’s sound matured with their age and they soon gathered an underground following playing small clubs.  Ten years later in 1998, Intik received an invitation from Imhotep (a popular French Algerian rapper) to perform at a famous hip-hop festival in Marseilles, France.  This was the catalyst to their success and Intik soon released their debut album in 2001.

“Notre Devoir (Our Duty)” is a conscious tune about unity in our trouble world.  “Our duty is to come together/To put our cards on the table/Let’s not tear each other apart/Think for a moment/The future is taking off/You’d be better off thinking of uniting/The last train is about to go by/Expand your vision/Stop looking at the end of your nose.”

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