Selah Sue “Raggamuffin”

Country/Region: Belgium (Europe)  

Selah Sue performing live!

Selah Sue performing live!

This is from one of our listeners in Canada, who requested Selah Sue‘s “Raggamuffin”. Check out this Belgium beauty who incorporates reggae, dancehall, pop and rock into her music.  It’s definitely worth a listen!

*Photo courtesy of Columbia Records

Kana “Pas de Problemes” (French Reggae)

*Photos: Various sources

Country & Region: France (Europe)

What comes to your mind when you think of France?  The Eiffel Tower, gondolas and crepes are some images that appear in our minds when we think of this romantic destination.  Believe it or not, reggae music is a popular style in France.  Artists like Yannick Noah have helped spread the genre’s influence across the country.

Kana’s “Pas de Problemes (No Problems)” is a catchy and uplifting tune about confidence, courage and integrity.  “Don’t listen to anyone but yourself/When making a decision/Let them talk/Don’t let them manipulate you/Nothing should stop you from moving forward/Show the others that you are not afraid/No problems/Everyone loves each other no matter what the problem is/Just be yourself.”

Kana channels the positive spirit of reggae music.  The band’s up-tempo rhythms and bright melodies are enough to splash a cloudy day with sunshine.  Kana’s cheerful horn section and soulful vocals complement each other nicely and are the finishing touches to this French masterpiece.

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