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Reggae Around the World is a non-commercial, personal music commentary blog with the sole intent to educate readers about reggae music across the globe.

This blog was originally created and is still maintained as a continuing education project and learning process. is a FREE blogging site.  Periodically, displays advertisements that Reggae Around the World DOES NOT have control over.  These ads help keep its features free for their users.

Reggae Around the World does NOT own the copyright to any of the songs, album art or artist photos featured in our slide show videos.  Copyright is property of its owner(s).      

We do NOT own the artist photos, album art and music videos featured on our website.  Media is taken from various sources.  Copyright is property of its owner(s).    

All “Artist Spotlight” interview photos are used by permission of that artist or band.  Copyright is property of its owner(s).     

NO copyright infringement intended! 

One thought on “Notice to Users

  1. HI
    Not sure it this is the correct place to give a listener suggestion, but here goes! This is a new Reggae dancehall artiste based in Wet London UK, his name is Johnny English. He has 15 tracks on soundcloud, promoting his talents. The profile link for Johnny English is below

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