Our 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Viewers’ Choice 2015: Your Top 20 Romantic Reggae & Dancehall Songs From Around the World!

*Photos Courtesy of the artists’ official Facebook fan pages and various sources

For our second annual Valentine’s Day Viewers’ Choice article, we asked you to submit your favorite romantic reggae and dancehall songs from around the world.  Thank you for your song submissions.  Even though we could not include every single video, we featured the most requested songs.  In no specific order, here were your top picks for February 2015 (aka International Reggae Month).  Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Randy Valentine “Lock Me Up” (England)

Trey Smoov “Beauty Queen” feat. J Boog & Fiji (USA & Fiji)   

Quique Neira “Agua de la Fuente (Un amor)” (Chile)

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s Your Viewers’ Choice: Top 20 Reggae & Dancehall Love Songs from Around the World

*Photos: Various Sources

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked all of you (the viewers)  to submit your favorite reggae and dancehall love songs from around the world.  Thank you everyone for your excellent song suggestions.  Although we couldn’t include every single video, we included the most requested songs.   In no specific order, here are your top picks for this lovely month of February (which is also National Reggae Month).  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alexus Rose “Left Out” (USA)

Romain Virgo “Soul Provider” (Jamaica)

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Fireball Blazes the Japanese Reggae Charts!

Fire Ball blazes the Japanese Reggae scene

Fire Ball blazes the Japanese Reggae scene

It’s hard to believe Jamaica’s musical influence has spread all the way to Japan!  Reggae artists and bands in the “Land of the Rising Sun” continue to gain popularity.  They combine Japanese and Jamaican patois lyrics to create a unique hybrid of sounds.  It’s truly incredible to hear Japanese singers with Jamaican accents.

Check out, Fireball, one of the biggest bands to hit the scene.  They incorporate reggae, dancehall, R &B and pop to produce a versatile style that’s all their own.  Listen to their single “残すべきもの”.  I’m not sure what it translates to, but the tune’s uplifting melodies and wicked rhythm sure are catchy!

*Photo courtesy of Mighty Crown

What do you think of Fireball? Watch the video below!