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Welcome to Reggae Around the World, where we bring you the best music from Jamaica to Japan (and everywhere in between)!  Our blog presents New Releases, Artist Spotlights, Realest RiddimsFeature Songs, Reggae Covers and  Tour Dates & Live Shows.  Have a suggestion you’d like to share with us?  Submit your favorite songs on the Listener Suggestions page!  Also, be sure to check out our Links to other reggae resources!

A Brief History and Reggae’s International Appeal

Although reggae music originates from the small island of Jamaica, its popularity has spread throughout the world.  Artists like Byron Lee, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley and Sean Paul have all helped internationalize Jamaica’s signature musical style.  The genre’s international appeal has influenced many musicians for its infectious rhythms, uplifting melodies, inspirational lyrics and positive vibes.  Because of Jamaica’s multicultural society, their motto is “out of many, one people”.  This holds true for reggae musicians as well.  Regardless of race, culture or country, emerging international artists continue to spread reggae’s universal theme of love.

Join us on our journey to discover the best reggae around the world!


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