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The lovely and multi-talented Karian Sang has been very busy these days. With a brand new album and feature film under her belt, there are no limits for this singer-songwriter and actress. Karian’s latest EP, In The Mood, explores reggae/dancehall, pop, EDM and hip-hop with powerful lyrics on each track. The solid album contains six songs that symbolize a different “mood”.  In addition to her new EP, Karian Sang has also completed her first feature film by starring alongside Christopher Martin in Jeremy Whittaker’s reggae music film, Destiny. With two powerhouse singers playing the lead roles, the movie is nothing short of entertaining.  Recently, we caught up with Karian Sang to discuss her new album, movie and much more.

Congrats on your new In The Mood EP Karian; it’s quite an eclectic collection of genres.  Do you have a favorite song on the album?  If so, which one? 

“Runaway” because that’s what I do when it comes to relationships (laughs).

So I actually wanted to speak on a type of love that would make me want to stay. Everything I write in a song is real, whether about me or people’s situations around me.

Out of all the genres you perform, which one resonates with you the most?  

I can’t choose, I feel comfortable doing any of them. In a previous interview, I tried to explain that “hip-hop is my mind, dancehall is my body, R&B is my soul.”  If you took one I’d be missing something, I feel complete mixing them.

Where can you fans see your perform your new songs live?  Will you be on tour soon?    

I’ve been performing here and there between writing, recording and shooting, but soon we’ll be making time for a steady tour … stay tuned to my website for details on where and when coming soon.

Recently, you starred alongside Christopher Martin in Jeremy Whittaker’s film, Destiny.  For those who haven’t seen the movie, can you give us a brief synopsis of the plot? 

It’s about a young girl named Lisa Pullen, played by myself based, in Toronto.  Her parents are Jamaican who tragically past away, now leaving Lisa to figure out the sale of their property and at the same time she tries to end a disturbing relationship before her journey to Jamaica where all the drama unfolds.

Was this your first time acting in a feature film?  What was the experience like?  

Yes it was! … I had such a great experience, I love acting.  Playing Lisa was cool; she’s nothing like me, I fell In love with the whole thing – characters, scripts, scenes and behind the camera so much I want to write my own films.

Did you record a theme song for the movie’s soundtrack?  Where can your fans watch/purchase the film?    

Yes, a song called “If You Want It”.  Set to be released Aug 4th and will be on iTunes, the movie is in theaters all over the U.S. It’s been number 1 in the islands; now it’s headed to the U.K.  To know more info about the movie they can check the Destiny Facebook Fan Page; it will give you all the updates.

You’ve collaborated with Mavado, Shaggy and Gyptian on your reggae projects.  Given your versatile style, which artists, outside the genre, you would like to work with in the future?  

I love music so there’s many I want to work with.  Rico Love, J Cole, Pitbull, Taylor Swift, Fetty Wap, Ciara, Ludacris, Beyoncé, Pleasure P, Jeremiah, Miley Cyrus …. I could go on (laughs) but I like them for different reasons so I’d be happy to work with them.

Based on your experiences, which musical genre do you think blends the best with reggae?         

R&B because it’s easy to switch the beat up to make it more reggae, even though Jamaicans have combined and remade country songs, rock songs, alternative songs to reggae, I feel R&B works very well.

What’s next for Karian Sang?  

More movies, more shows, more music videos, more songs, hopefully an incredible album which I’ll be starting soon that the fans will fall in love with!  Also, I hope to work more with kids and charities; lately I’ve been working with a partner in creating an anti-bulling-league entitled “A.B.L.E” in hopes to have people more aware of abuse in all forms.

Is there anything else you would like your fans to know?  

Yes, link me up on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud all under the name (Karian Sang).  Also check me out on my official website:


How do you like Karian’s new EP In The Mood? Listen to our Soundcloud playlist and comment below! Also be sure to check out her other music videos and the Destiny movie trailer as well!

In The Mood EP (6 Track Playlist)

In The Mood Banner

“In The Mood” Music Video

“Break Us”

“Pon Di Wall” featuring Shaggy

“Oh Handle Me”


She’s In The Mood: Our Interview with Jamaica’s Karian Sang

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