*Live performance photos courtesy of Michael Daley.  Press photos courtesy of Randy Richards.  Album artwork courtesy of Taj Francis.  Full list of album credits on Mario Evon’s Bandcamp page.  

 “What is love?” asks Mario Evon on his debut full-length LP album, Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. On Love, that tells a classic “boy-meets-girl” love story.  As Evon embarks on a romantic journey of his own, you can’t help but join him on this emotional rollercoaster from start to finish.  Filled with heart-felt, genuine lyrics, each song expresses Evon’s experience during different stages of a relationship.

His unique style fuses Jamaican lovers rock with American soul and R&B to create a serene, soothing sound with undeniable passion.  On “Soul Tek”, Mario’s smooth vocals compliment his band’s uplifting melodies and delicate harmonies that produce a fresh, organic atmosphere to set the album’s positive tone.  The opening ballad describes a serendipitous encounter with a beautiful woman who becomes the center of the entire album.  Next, Evon gets sensual on the sexy “Love In Di Mawnin’” that is driven by pulsating percussion and decorated with celestial piano riffs.  This hot anthem adds a nice touch as the electronic drumkit’s bass drum personifies a human heart beating with excitement.  Then, on the sun-kissed, pop-reggae tune, “This Day”, Mario opens his soul as he sings, “I love you so much, I can’t wait for eternity, so I proudly say that I love you this day”.  “This Day” is pure joy and instantly puts a smile on your face.  His impressive vocal runs can be heard on, the poignant and dynamic Babyface cover, “Whip Appeal” that is one of his most impressive songs.  Finally, we cannot forget about his original song “You Used 2 Love Me” (written by Mario and his brother) that alternates between R&B, lovers rock and dancehall drum grooves to produce an eclectic array of rhythms.

Recently, we chatted with Mario to discuss his new album and upcoming live performances. 

What does the new album, M.E. On Love, mean to you as an artist?

“For me, Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. On Love, is a collection of musical material and simply a body of work that truly represents M.E., Mario Evon.  It is a very clear expression of Reggae-Soul, and a huge achievement, as I feel people will finally understand my artistry, genre, sound and brand.”

Where did you gather inspiration for the album’s lyrics? 

“This time around, most of the songs originated from personal experiences.  Some were a bit fictitious, but most were personal.  “Whip Appeal” is a cover of an old Babyface classic that I always loved.  Initially, I wrote “This Day” as an R&B ballad for my brother’s wedding; however, for the album’s purposes, we decided to give it a throwback reggae feel instead.”    

Where can your fans see your perform your new songs live in the future?

“Well, I want to encourage everyone to go to http://MarioEvon.com or http://MEOnLove.com, follow me on social media and sign up for my mailing list.  That way they can keep abreast of everything M.E.  That said, my team and I are planning a series of events that we are going to take to various prominent venues across Jamaica.  We will be performing material from the album and we will also have special guest performers.  So keep it locked for the Mario Evon and friends series, that will take Jamaica by storm very soon.”

Thank you for your time Mario.   The album sounds wonderful!  We wish you the best of luck with everything!    

Mario Evon’s Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. On Love is now available on iTunes.         

Stand-Out Tracks:  “Soul Tek”, “Love In Di Mawnin’”, “This Day”, “Whip Appeal”, “You Used 2 Love Me” 

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“This Day”

“You Used 2 Love Me” 

“Soul Tek”


Mario Evon Serenades Listeners on Debut Album: Our Review of Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. On Love

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