Photos courtesy of Messenjah

Have you ever had enough of the constant barrage of negative news stories in the world?  From corrupt governments, police brutality and other horrible events, there doesn’t seem to be much good news.  One band, in particular, is tired of all of this and they have something to say about it … 

“We’ve had it!

With all the games you’re playing,

while the system is failing now.

We’ve had it!

With all the lies you’re telling

my heart is rebelling.

We’ve had it!

Babylon is falling,

now the people are leaving town.”

These powerful lyrics by Canada’s legendary reggae pioneers, Messenjah, have returned with their brand new music video, “We’ve Had It”.  The current band members consists of Rupert “Ojiji” Harvey (Lead vocals and guitar), Carl ” Carlos Bandana” Harvey (Lead guitar and vocals – lead guitar player of Toots and the Maytals for over two decades), Charles ” Tower” Sinclair  (Bass), Hailie ” Slyly” Yeates  (Percussion and Keyboards), Orville ” Wiz” Malcolm (Keyboards and Vocals) and Robert “Hagar” Stephenson (Drums and Vocals). 

We caught up with, front man, Rupert Harvey and chatted about their new single.  He says, “I was just looking around the world and seeing that people are fed-up and tired of their situations. Governments continue to lie and break promises and people are much worse off today than even in their parents generation.  War is always looming on the horizon and people go hungry all over the world while a few live in luxury and control the masses with brutal police tactics.” 

Their sound is reminiscent of classic reggae bands such as Steel Pulse, Inner Circle and Third World.  This uptempo, political roots anthem is driven by a heavy rockers drum rhythm, pounding bass lines and an electrifying “Carlos Santana” styled lead guitar solo by Carl Harvey.      

The single marks their triumphant return to the reggae world after a long hiatus.  Although the band is originally from Jamaica, they formed in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in 1981.  In the early 80s, Messenjah became the first Canadian reggae band to be signed by a major record label (Warner Music Canada).  The band was instrumental in popularizing the genre in North America and paved the way for many Canadian reggae acts.  Throughout their extensive career, they performed at the Jamaica World Youth Festival, Reggae Sunsplash and a concert for Nelson Mandela at Toronto’s Sky Dome.  In 1998, Messenjah received the JUNO Award for Best Reggae Album for “Catch De Vibe”. 

Now in 2015, they have big plans in store for their fans.  A new album is in the works for later this year.  According to Rupert Harvey, he says, “the new album reflects the new realities in which we live, we are just sticking to what we do best which is telling the truth and keeping the Root!” 

We look forward to the new album and are excited to hear their new material. 

How do you like Messenjah’s new song “We’ve Had It”?  Comment below!       

Photos courtesy of Messenjah

“We’ve Had It” is now available on iTunes

You can follow Messenjah on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube/Vevo and Soundcloud as well.

Messenjah Reunites: Legendary Canadian Reggae Band Returns with “We’ve Had It”

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