What’s your story?  Everyone has one and we’ve all experienced difficult times in our lives.  Although the details of our stories may differ, we can all relate to the lyrics of Golden Chyld’s “Uphill Battle”.  This uplifting new single speaks of his own personal journey of overcoming adversity, despite life’s many obstacles. 

It’s a stark contrast to his previous releases, “Joanna Wine” and Rise Up”, that are firmly rooted in dancehall.  “Uphill Battle” is a softer ballad with gospel and reggae influences.  Golden Chyld sets a strong spiritual atmosphere with heavenly strings and soothing saxophones for this soulful single as he sings, “never let the rest of us forget, we have a duty to [help] the less fortunate”.  This isn’t just a lyric in the song; he is taking social action as well.

Dedicated to igniting positive change through clean and conscious music, Golden Chyld holds firm to his passion to leave a lasting impact on both music and society.  He’s donating a portion of the online sales of “Uphill Battle” to the SOS Children’s Villages Jamaica, a non-profit, non-political and non-denominational welfare organization that homes orphaned and abandoned children.  SOS Children’s Villages creates a family for these children that helps shape their lives and futures.  Recently, we chatted with Golden Chyld about his new project.  He tells us,

“SOS is a charity that is near and dear to my heart.  It takes me back to my childhood days, where I used to go to the Orphanage about once a week with my Dad, and we would drop off sweet treats from my Grandmother’s bakery.  I always remembered how happy the kids were to have us visit.  So in a way, for me, it’s continuing a legacy that she started.  While writing this song, I already knew I had to do something like this with it.  At the risk of sounding cliche, I always said I’d like to make a difference with my music; this is a testament that no matter how small, we all have the ability to create some kind of positive change in the world through our craft.  And that’s really it, if I can help to inspire even one person to help someway, somehow, who knows what that can snowball into?”     

Golden Chyld is definitely making a difference through music.  We’re very proud of him and hope his fans (aka his “Golden Soldiers”) help his noble cause.  “Uphill Battle” is now available on iTunes.  

Watch our music video premiere of “Uphill Battle”.  How does Golden Chyld’s lyrics impact you?  Comment below!     


Making A Difference Through Music: Golden Chyld’s “Uphill Battle”

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