Conkarah to The World Album Art

Conkarah’s Brand New EP Album for Summer 2014

*All photos courtesy of Conkarah and used with permission.

Who says artists should only hire one producer for their album?  If there were a strict rule for that, Conkarah would be a true rebel.  On his new EP album, Conkarah To The World, Conkarah embodies the theme of “reggae around the world” to the fullest by collaborating with producers from the United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, Austria, Germany, Australia, India, Poland, France, Indonesia and Jamaica.

Conkarah tells us, “for my new EP album, I wanted to showcase how reggae music has spread worldwide and I’m very proud of the outcome.  Each of the producers got to showcase their work and add their own unique flavor to their own riddim for each song.  Even though this was all done online, I just love how it has all come together.”

One of the most progressive and adventurous reggae artists in the industry today, Conkarah is not afraid to fuse musical genres and incorporate different sounds into his music. This can be heard in his last EP, Loverbwoy/Rudebwoy (2013), that fuses dub-step with reggae to create a new genre called “reggae-step”.  On Conkarah To The World, he includes a couple more reggae-step jams, lots of lover’s rock ballads and a few conscious roots tunes.  The album’s first single, “Oceans Away” (produced by Australia’s Tuff Tumas) is a catchy, lover’s rock breakup anthem that infuses Spanish guitar melodies into the mix.  Listen out for the pulsating percussion break during the bridge that features an awesome live drum solo.

Conkarah’s positive and empowering lyrics resonate in listeners’ hearts and uplift their spirits.  His signature sing-jay vocal style, which allows him to both DJ and sing, caters to both reggae and dancehall audiences alike.  Conkarah sure knows how to appeal to the masses and will definitely reach the world with his new album.

Watch the album’s first music video “Ocean’s Away” and the making of the EP.  You can also listen to Conkarah To The World EP (2014) in its entirety below.   What do you think of Conkarah’s new album?  Comment below!

Track Listing

1. Intro – Strangest feeling

2. Thunder (Drifta – UK)

3. Raggamuffin (EzRa – MEXICO)

4. Stand Tall (T-Roy – USA)

5. Hooked (Max Hustle, King Jabbi, Tom Hype – AUSTRIA/GERMANY)

6. Oceans Away (Tuff Tumas – AUSTRALIA)

7. Love Anthem (longside. Ska Vengers, Reggae Rajahs – INDIA)

8. Simply Natural (Mr.Bayerman – POLAND)

9. Kinda Love (Jimmy Cui – HAWAII)

10. Jacket and Tie (Damalistik – FRANCE)

11. Bloodshed (Wizzow and Ras Muhamad – INDONESIA)

12. Vision So Clear (Addy Traxx – JAMAICA)

Mixed by: Selekta G “13 Starz” Switzerland

Conkarah Takes Reggae ‘To The World’ On New Album

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