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Beyoncé, Gentleman and J Boog are just a few names Swedish reggae star, Million Stylez, has collaborated with.  Whether it’s R&B, reggae, dancehall or hip-hop, he injects his signature vocal style that is a combination of singing, rapping and deejaying.  Although, he’s worked with many artists, Million Stylez maintains a strong solo career and has multiple albums under his belt.  His latest EP, Songs About You (2013), showcases his softer side that’s full of positive lover’s rock, one drop riddims.  Recently, we caught up with Million Stylez to chat about his upcoming new music, reggae’s popularity in Sweden and much more!

Your latest album, Songs About You (2013), is a concept album about a romantic love story.  Do you plan on doing more concept albums in the future?

Well, it’s just an EP but lets call it a short album then (laughs).  Yes, I actually do think about doing that because my next full length album will contain strictly one drop/modern roots and a positive messages all the way through.

Speaking of which, do you have any new singles out for 2014?

I have a bunch actually.  One that is bubbling hard in the clubs and mixtapes right now is “Jellyfish” produced by Jugglerz from Germany.  I also have a video under construction for “Baddis Ting” and this will be like my next “Miss Fatty” most definitely.  You will hear a whole heap of music from me this coming time because a lot producers wait to release their music for years sometimes.

People don’t usually associate Sweden with reggae music.  Why is our genre so popular in your country?

Well from traveling around the world I can see that reggae music is big all over and it just gets bigger as we speak.  It’s actually the biggest and strongest genre in the world, but Babylon is trying to hold it back because it is carrying the truth!  The people of the Sweden love reggae music point blank, it’s just the people who control the business that are ruining the movement.  A lot of club owners/promoters don’t want to keep reggae events due to the people it attracts.  By saying that I mean poor people with foreign heritage.  Sweden has a very racist system without wanting to admit that I’m sure!  So they will do everything in their power to keep the top charts as white and brainless as possible unfortunately.  Reggae music is from and for Africa!

Why do you think reggae is so popular around the world?

Reggae music moves everyone and everything.  It has a vibe and sound like no other genre.  It also carries the truth that the world needs to hear and that is that Jah lives and reigns and that we have to live in peace and love.  There is no other music that is more spiritual and biblical than reggae, it also has an ancient mystic about it that makes it timeless.  You see all, these things make it so special and powerful and that is why we are getting this big fight.

In your early years, you started out experimenting with hip-hop.  What inspired you to become a reggae artist?

I was actually a rapper experimenting with reggae music.  I was listening a lot to Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Alpha Blondy at the time so it was just natural step for me to move that direction musically.

You’re a very versatile performer who sings, deejays and raps.  You’ve mixed reggae and dancehall with hip-hop and R&B.  Are there any world music styles you’d like to fuse with reggae (e.g. Brazilian samba, bossa nova etc.)?

I don’t know the names of all these genres.  All I know is if I like what I hear I will get inspired and that will of course affect the outcome in my music.

Which contemporary reggae artists inspire you the most right now?

I don’t really have specific artists that I listen to because I just listen to good music.  If I have to mention one group it’s Midnite.  Once I found out about them, I cannot stop listening to them. They’re very spiritual and soothing.

You have worked with Beyoncé, Bunji Garlin, Gentleman, J Boog, Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage, Mr. Vegas, Busy Signal, Wayne Marshall and many more.  Which international artist(s) would you like to work with next and why?

Midnite and Damian Jr. Gong Marley.  I feel that we would do something great together.  I also think that we are fighting for the same thing.  One day Jah willing!

Where can people see you perform live this year?  Any big festivals coming up this summer of 2014?

Well at the moment, I have been based out in Costa Rica (second home) and I will soon do a tour out here and later move on to Bogotá Colombia for the Jamming Festival so that will be good.  For any other shows, I recommend everybody to follow me on my Facebook fan page: millionstylezofficial

Is there anything else you’d like your fans to know?

I just want to say live in love and spread joy and blessings around!  Give thanks for life everyday unto Jah in the name of Yeshua!  You can also follow me on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube.  

Watch Million Stylez “Jah Is Worthy”, “Love We Deal With”, “Give Thanks” and “Every Little Thing”.  How do you like Sweden’s Million Stylez’s music? Comment below!

Conscious Reasoning: Our Interview with Sweden’s Million Stylez

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