Mighty Mystic Live ColorBoston based singer/songwriter, Mighty Mystic, has become a leading trail blazer in the East Coast Reggae Movement.  He and his live band combine elements of rock and hip-hop into their distinct “Hard Roots” style.  His hits “Need Your Love”, “Lamb or Lion”, “Original Love” and most recently – “Concrete World” are all  featured on the prestigious VP Records’ You Tube Channel.  Additionally, Mighty has shared the stage with reggae heavy-hitters such as Damian Marley, Sean Paul, Shaggy and Beenie Man (just to name a few).  We got a chance to sit down with Mighty to talk about music, life and reggae’s healing powers.


First and foremost, our hearts go out to everyone affected by the tragedy in Boston.  We’re glad you’re okay Mighty.  With that being said, do you believe positive reggae music can help heal the emotional trauma of people after a tragedy?  If so, how can it help survivors of a violent incident?

Yes, 100%.  As we all know reggae music is deeply rooted inMighty Mystic Live Black and White spiritually and positive vibes, so it’s a natural remedy for someone that’s hurting on the inside.  Reggae has a way of finding the positive in a dark situation.  That’s why it’s called “The Healing”.  I can really relate to this question because my friends and I were about 100 yards away from the Boston Marathon Bombing and it pretty much affected us all.  So in that situation, I can just use myself as an example and say I took real comfort in the solace of some classic roots reggae music.  And it brought some light into my day.

Why do you think our genre is so popular around the world

I think reggae is the one music genre that speaks (to great extent) about real social, economic and spiritual matters that people on a global spectrum can really relate to.  Our music does not talk about cars, jewelry and so on; we understand that they’re people out there everywhere who struggle on a daily basis to provide for their loved ones, just as we have.  So, on that notion alone, the world can relate and look to reggae to speak about and highlight such matters.

Mighty Mystic Live Color 2Where do you find reggae music is most popular in the USA? 

At the moment, Roots Rock Reggae music is really bubbling on the west coast, particularly California.  But with that said, we, in Boston and the east coast, are carrying the torch with great passion.

You were recently featured on VP Records’ You Tube Channel.  How did that come about?

Well in the past, VP Records has featured my videos.  I believe I have about four videos on their channel.  VP has always been supportive of reggae music while keeping an eye on the potential upcoming talents on the rise and I think that’s how this particular alliance came about.

Can you discuss the meaning behind “Concrete World”?

Actually there is a line at the end of the song that pretty much sums up the meaning of “Concrete World”.  It says:

“Technology is supposed to bring us closer, yet it seems to be pulling us apart you know.  We walk pass each other we don’t say hi, we don’t say hello.  We just push we face in a we cell phone and keep it moving you know.  And that no right!  How you fe text you son and him in a de next room people?” 

That statement is pretty much saying that we as a people have gotten so harden in our new ways (like “concrete”) that we’ve forgotten the root of what really matters in life.  It’s not our cell phones, not our cars, not our big houses nor big screen TVs.  Our family, friends, the Earth and heaven are what really matter.

How did your musical career start?  When did you know you know you could sing?

My career officially started in 2006 after I released “Riding on the Clouds”.  That song was a great success and showed meMighty Mystic Live Black and White 2 that my reggae was being recognized by music lovers worldwide.  As a result of that release, I have been on a mission to bring good music to the world.  But before 2006, I was doing music on a smaller local scale as a hobby.  I would follow my older brother around who was doing hip-hop in Boston.  After that, I found myself doing small stage shows; until one day, I looked around and realized that I had fans at my shows that were from the neighboring cities and states.  At that moment, I decided to do things more professionally and here I am now some 10 years later.  My mother tells people the story that I used to sing this song, “What the Hell the Police Can Do”, but I used to sing it while the police were around (laughs).  So, she says she always knew I would become a singer. But for me, I found my voice in high school.

Besides current events, where do you gather inspiration for your music?

Everyday life!  And I say that with great conviction because almost everything I write or speak on is something I’ve either seen, heard, felt or been involved in one way or the other.

MM with Shaggy

Mighty has already collaborated with the world famous Shaggy on “Here I Am”

Who are your favorite reggae artists/bands in the industry today?  

The first time I heard Bob Marley, I knew I wanted to do the music he was doing; so Bob is my favorite.  But I’m a huge Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Barrington Levy and Half Pint fan.  For the bands/artists that are rocking now, I’m a big Morgan Heritage, Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Taurus Riley and Chronixx fan (there’s a bunch more).  Outside of reggae, Aerosmith is in my CD deck.

If you could collaborate with any current artist (regardless of genre), who would it be?  What kind of song would you have in mind?

I would love to be able to do a song with one or all the artists I mentioned earlier (Damian & Stephen Marley, Taurus Riley, Morgan Heritage and Chronixx).  I think that would be a wicked combination.  Not sure what type of song it would be but it would have to be big (laughs)!

Where can fans see you perform live?  Are you touring this summer? 

Well, we do a lot of shows, so the best way for fans to see me live is to first check my site for tour dates and then come on out to get a dose of the Mighty Mystic vibes.  Yes, I will be touring selected cities in different areas, so I encourage fans/potential fans to log on first to find out.

Is there anything else you would like everyone to know?  

Mighty Mystic Dreadlocks Logo

Mighty Mystic’s Logo

I think you have covered so much ground that I don’t want to overload the readers with too much Mighty Mystic (laughs).  But I will say that “Concrete World” is the single and the video is out.  But there is an album coming out real soon.  It’s actually finished and we’re aiming for an end of summer or early fall release, so please be on the lookout for that.  The album will be titled Concrete World just as the current single/video.  And do remember roots, rock, reggae to the world.  Reggae rides on!

*Special thanks to Mighty Mystic for taking the time to speak with us. You can follow him on FacebookTwitter and You Tube. 

*All photos courtesy of and provided by Mighty Mystic

Check out Mighty Mystic’s latest singles “Happy”, “Revolution”, “War” and  “Concrete World” below!  How do you like Mighty’s music?  Comment and share your thoughts!


Healing Boston with Reggae’s Remedy: Our Interview with Mighty Mystic

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