Country/Region: Belgium (Europe)  

Selah Sue performing live!

Selah Sue performing live!

This is from one of our listeners in Canada, who requested Selah Sue‘s “Raggamuffin”. Check out this Belgium beauty who incorporates reggae, dancehall, pop and rock into her music.  It’s definitely worth a listen!

*Photo courtesy of Columbia Records

Selah Sue “Raggamuffin”

2 thoughts on “Selah Sue “Raggamuffin”

  1. King Mas is the product of diverse musical genres. He is a native of Boston, Massachusetts, born to Caribbean parents. His father, Supreme, is the legendary calypso monarch from the island of Montserrat, and his mother is from Clarendon, Jamaica. She nurtured and encouraged the young King to perform with the church band, which played gospel music in mainly reggae and calypso styles. It was this initial exposure, the encores that were often demanded, and his exposure to R&B music that added fuel to the inborn musical fire of King.

    To date, King Mas has performed in and outside the U.S. , from Norway to South Africa, touching Lebanon in between. He has previously released several singles, including his hit song “One Wish.”

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