Performing live at Jamaica's Reggae Sumfest 2012

Performing live at Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest 2012

If you’re seeking “feel good” music, look no further than Jamaica’s talented reggae singer, Conkarah.  With hits like “Forever”, “Draw You Close”, “Addicted”, “Island Girl” and “No Barbershop”, Conkarah is no stranger to the music industry.  In fact, he performed at last year’s Reggae Sumfest 2012 alongside Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Bunny Wailer (of Bob Marley & the Wailers) and many more.  We got a chance to sit down with Conkarah and discuss his music, inspiration, goals and the global success of reggae music.

For those not familiar with you, can you briefly tell us how your musical career began?

“I was walking through one of the halls at my university and walked past a choir rehearsal.  It was fantastic!  From the harmonies to the tonality, I said to myself ‘I have to audition’.  The very next day, I did just that and earned a spot with the bass/baritones.  After my first choir practice, it was a wrap.  I knew I’d never be truly happy doing anything else but music, and it’s been an exciting journey ever since.”

What inspires your music’s sound and lyrics?

Reggae will always have a special place in Conkarah's heart.

Reggae will always have a special place in Conkarah’s heart.

“My inspiration comes from all over whether it is past experiences, dreams/aspirations, what I believe, what I stand for, other

people’s music, books, movies, conversations, etc.  I can even be inspired by the sunrise (laughs) so pretty much anything on any given day you know?”

What does reggae music mean to you?

“Reggae has and will always have a very special place in my heart. I am a Jamaican and I am proud of my country and all that

has come out of it; reggae is the music of my island, so it is only natural that I carry it with me wherever I go.”

Why do you think the genre has become so popular around the world?

Big Up Conkarah!  #TELLDEM!

Big Up Conkarah! #TELLDEM!

“Well reggae for the most part is feel good music!  The messages are powerful, the riddim is heavy and I think with everything happening in the world now, a lot of people are looking for music with a more positive message, yuh zimi!”

What’s it like working with Niko Browne at Lifeline Music?

“Working with Niko is always a good vibe, we mesh well together and make some great music!”

Who are your favorite reggae artists/bands in the industry today?

“I would have to say Gentleman and Damian Marley.”

If you could collaborate with any current artist (regardless of genre), who would it be?  What kind of song would you have in mind?

Bruno Mars Selah Sue, and Ed Sheeran.  If I could do a song with all of them combined, it would be wicked!  The song would

Conkarah is always finds inspiration for his music from current events to conversations and even to the sunset.

Conkarah always finds inspiration for his music from current events to conversations and even to the sunrise.

definitely have to have a positive message!”

Is there anything else you would like everyone to know?

“Yeah man, well I’m currently working on an EP with a producer from the UK (Ezra) and true me, it’s gonna be wicked, mainly because the songs are a fusion of different genres. We’ve already released one single ‘Heavy’ and you can check it out on You Tube to get an idea of what is to come.”

*A special thanks goes out to Conkarah for taking the  time out of his busy schedule and supporting Reggae Around the World.

*All photos courtesy of and provided by Conkarah

Our Interview with Conkarah: Jamaica’s Positive Reggae Sensation

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  1. I am from the U.S and I am in love with Conkarah!!! And I’m 48 .. Lol ..❤️ But seriously I could listen to his music all day long!!! As long as he is singing of course… Great article!! And spectacular subject!!! TELL DEM!!

    • Thanks Keisha! We really appreciate your support 🙂 Feel free to follow our blog via email! Also check out our Contact page to follow our social media channels as well! Bless! Nuff respect!

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